On the Tenth Anniversary of 9-11: Asian Americans on War and Peace

In light of the recent commemoration of 9-11, the edited collection Asian Americans on War and Peace is a relevant meditation on the tragic events of ten years ago from the Asian American community.  Published in 2002, Asian Americans on War and Peace was the first book to respond to what happened on September 11, 2001 from Asian American perspectives, from the vantage points of those whose lives and  communities in America have been forged both by war and by peace.   It was a moment in our history described by Roshni Rustomji-Kerns as one when “the past and the future became the now.”

Asian Americans On War and Peace (2002)

“War and Peace:  When Past and Future Became the Now” by Russell C. Leong and Don T. Nakanishi

I.  Worlds of Crisis
“Oh, Say, Can You See” by Helen Zia

“Notes from a New York Diary” by Jessica Hagedorn

“Existing at the Center, Watching from the Edges” by Roshni Rostomji-Kerns

“War against the Planet” by Vijay Prashad

“Nothing to Write Home About” by Amitava Kumar

“Today” by Russell C. Leong

II. Civil Liberties and Internment
“Thinking Through Internment: 12/7 and 9/11” by Jerry Kang

“The Loaded Weapon” by Eric K. Yamamoto and Susan Kiyomi Serrano

“Pearl Harbor Revisited” by Frank Chin

“How Does It Feel To Be a Problem?” by Moustafa Bayoumi

“What Does Danger Look Like?” by Stephen Lee

“When Mothers Talk” by Janice Mirikitani

“Why Children Did Not Knock at My Door on Halloween This Year” by Ifti Nisam

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III. Geopolitics

“Colonialism, Globalization and Culture: Reflections on September 11” by Arif Dirlik Coming

“Full Circle: North American Labor History Conference, Wayne State University, October 19, 2001” by Grace Lee Boggs

“Terrorism as a Way of Life” by Vinay Lal

“Civilization, National Identity, and Difference Before and After September 1″1 by David Palumbo-Liu

IV.  Peace
“Why Does a Pediatrican Worry about Nuclear Weapons?” by James  N. Yamazaki

“The Hip Hop Generation Can Call for Peace” by Jeff Chang

“A Merciful End: A Call to Humanity” by Angela E. Oh

“Stop the Bombing, Stop the War” by Michael F. Yamamoto

“Asian Americans and the Peace Imperative” by Mari J. Matsuda

“A Chronology of the ‘War on Terror,’ and Domestic Hate Crimes” by Stephen Lee

For more information on Asian Americans on War and Peace, please contact the UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press at aascpress@aasc.ucla.edu.

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