Amerasia Journal releases open issue, covers Carlos Bulosan, Japanese migration, Jeremy Lin, and Vietnamese language charter school

For Immediate Release

The latest issue of Amerasia Journal, the flagship publication of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center, marks its first “open submissions” issue in recent years. Pushed by the growing breadth of Asian American Studies research, Amerasia Journal will present future open issues, in addition to its pioneering themed issues, and welcomes submissions throughout the year to be considered for publication.

The diversity and range of Asian American Studies can be found in the topics discussed in this issue, as well as the many different contributors who lend their research and voice for the continued development of the field. Topics range from Marilyn Alquizola and Lane Hirabayashi’s examination of Pilipino writer Carlos Bulosan’s FBI files to honoring early advocates of Asian American Studies, Alexander Saxton and Dick Jiro Kobashigawa.

The issue also features the inaugural Lucie Cheng Prize essay for outstanding graduate student research, awarded to Yuko Konno (History, University of Southern California), for her piece on the role of the local in Japanese migration patterns.  The award is in honor of the late Professor Lucie Cheng, the first permanent director of the UCLA Asian American Studies Center (1972-1987) and pioneering scholar on transnationalism of Asian Americans.

Other highlights of this issue include:

* Articles on Japanese Americans, such as Tritia Toyota’s research on newer Japanese immigration to the United States and Courtney Goto’s exploration of gardening as a trans-generational Japanese American cultural practice;

* Allison Truitt’s study of the use of Vietnamese language instruction at one New Orleans charter school and its relation to the greater public school charterization movement; and

* An Amerasia Journal Forum on the impact of Jeremy Lin on Asian American Studies by leading voices on Asian American popular culture and sports: Hua Hsu, Konrad Ng, and Kathleen Yep.

Copies of the issue can be obtained by ordering via phone, email or mail. This issue of Amerasia Journal costs $15.00 plus shipping and handling and applicable sales tax.  Please contact the UCLA AASC Press for more detailed ordering information.

UCLA Asian American Studies Center Press
3230 Campbell Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1546
Phone: 310-825-2968

Amerasia Journal is published three times a year: Spring, Summer/Fall, and Winter.  Annual subscriptions for Amerasia Journal are $99.99 for individuals and $445.00 for libraries and other institutions.  The annual subscription price includes access to the Amerasia Journal online database, with full-text versions of published issues dating back to 1971. Instructors interested in this issue for classroom use should contact the above email address to request a review copy.

The PDF version of this release can be downloaded here: Amerasia Journal 38:3 Press Release.

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